What we do

1. We organize meetings

Regular meetings of our group are usually intensive workshops or seminars where we exchange our experience, our research or we discuss actual topics. List of the past meetings with links to some of them you can find here.

2. We cooperate

During the meetings but not only we build up stronger relationships among researchers. We work in areas as health condition, morbidity, mortality and members of our group join their research in contributions at conferences or publish it as monographs. For better and more common contact we use also social media and you can find as for example on Facebook.

3. We share experience and information

Our goal is to build up stronger research community in fields as health, morbidity and mortality. For this reason we want to share not only our research but also job opportunities, summer schools or workshops related with those areas and organized in any country by any institution. This means that we are open to any new impulse and any new member.

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